Once a shot of product is released or the pump stops, the one way valve stops the liquid in the delivery line from going up the dosing line and damaging the pump. This is a one way valve so that when the dosing pump pushes an amount of product into the line it can overcome the pressure in the delivery pipe and allow the product out into the flow. The injector also has a spout so that the product is delivered into the middle of the flow rather than the side wall. The injector. At the point at which the product is injected into the product, there is an injector point. Releasing the product into the middle of the stream also creates a vortex which allows the product to mix properly too which is beneficial to ensure a proper reaction takes place. rubbers or stainless steel. The mechanics of the pump can vary (see below). 4. The dosing line this is generally a fairly 5. rigid PVC or PE tube or a reinforced hose. 6. Control system. Occasionally there is a control system installed to ensure the dosing pump is accurate and turns on and off at particular times. Over time certain products especially acids and oxidisers like chlorine or peroxide can corrode the walls of a pipe if released right at the edge of the stream. ساختمان پمپ هاي گريز از مركز در ابتدا بسيار ساده بوده و صرفا شامل پره، پوسته و محور بودند و ليكن به علت نياز روز افزون به اين پمپ ها، به سرعت تكامل يافته و ساختمان آن ها پيچيده تر شد و قطعات ديگر به آن ها افزوده شدند از قبيل رنگ هاي سايشي، لائي هاي آب بندي، پره هاي ثابت براي هدايت خوب تر آب در خروج از پرهء متحرك و ورود به محفظه حلزوني و غيره. درصورتیکه شما این مقاله آموزنده را دوست داشتید و می خواهید داده ها بیشتری در آیتم پمپ دوزینگ چیست لطفا از وب سایت ما دیدن کنید.